YouTube Adds New Analytics on Mobile, Expands Merch Listings to More Regions

YouTube is bringing more of its Studio desktop analytics to its mobile app, while it’s also expanding its merchandise listing options to more regions, providing additional monetization capacity.

First up, on Studio analytics – YouTube has this week launched the first stage of the rollout of revenue reports access within the YouTube mobile app.

As you can see here, users will now be able to access data on overall monthly revenue, as well as revenue from specific transactions (Super Chat, channel memberships, Super stickers), within the Revenue tab in the mobile app.

YouTube’s also adding its Traffic Sources Performance report on mobile, which shows how your viewers came to your content, providing more context for your planning and development.

YouTube mobile analytics

As per this example, the new listing not only shows your traffic sources, but YouTube has also included indicators as to whether that number is higher or lower, adding more context to the data.

All of these reports are available within Studio on desktop, but the added capacity to track your key data in the mobile app will provide more ways to stay on top of your channel performance – or to obsess more about your video stats at any time or place.

YouTube says the new reports will be available in the coming days in the mobile app.

In addition to this, YouTube’s also making its merch listings available in five new markets, which enable creators to list products from supported platforms and retailers in the ‘Merch Shelf’ beneath their video clips, or on their Channel page.

YouTube Merch Shelf

Originally launched in 2018, YouTube’s merch shelf listings are currently already available in 24 countries, and will now also be made available to creators in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia as well.

The expansion will provide new monetization potential to more creators, while also helping existing users to reach more potential customers via their clips.

YouTube supports a range of retailers and platforms for its merch listings – you can find more information on the tool here.

Providing more monetization options has become a key focus for all social apps, and with the competition for video talent, in particular, heating up, it makes sense for YouTube to expand its tools where possible, as it looks to maintain its position as the top video app.

Source:, originally published on 2021-09-16 19:37:54