Twitter's Working on a 'Leave This Conversation' Option to Help Manage On-Platform Engagement

Twitter is working on the next stage of its interaction management options, with a new ‘Leave This Conversation‘ option in testing, which would better enable users to avoid negative discussions.

As you can see here, the new process, which is only proposed at this stage, would enable users to untag themselves from a discussion, and keep them from being mentioned again within that thread (you can see, in the final screenshot, that the tweet tag for the removed user is inactive, so people can’t tap through on the users’ profile). It would also ensure the user receives no further notifications about that specific discussion thread.

The option is actually a more advanced model of Twitter’s ‘Unmention Yourself’ process, also in testing, with updated wording designed to make it clearer what exactly ‘unmentioning’ yourself would mean.

It could be a handy option to avoid the dreaded Twitter pile-ons based on a tweet, or simply to mute discussions which may be causing you distress. 

Twitter has been working to add in more tweet control and management options over time, with various options to mute keywords and users, control who can reply to your tweets as well as updated alerts on potentially offensive comments.

This new addition comes as part of an expanded set of mention controls designed to give users more control over their on-platform engagement, and avoid unwanted attention in the app. 

Which, on Twitter, could be hugely valuable. Again, Twitter pile-ons can ramp up very fast, and it can be difficult to deal with the torrent of negative mentions for those suddenly caught in the firing line. 

Providing more tools for such could be a big help, and this updated process better explains the purpose of ‘unmentioning’, and may prove more practical to use.

Source:, originally published on 2021-08-17 17:11:53