Twitter's Testing New, Themed App Icons for the Holidays

Twitter Blue subscribers may soon have some new festive features to try, with a new set of app icons discovered in the back-end code of the app, aligning with seasonal trends.

As you can see in these images, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new icons relate to seasons (top row) and holiday celebrations.

There are also some Kwanzaa themed icons as well.

Twitter app icons

Variable app icons is one of the lesser features of Twitter Blue, the platform’s $US2.99 per month subscription program which enables the most dedicated Twitter users to get access to a range of extra tweet features.

The initial Twitter Blue offering, made available to Canadian and Australian users back in June, focused on ‘undo tweet’ as its key element, which enables you to retract a tweet within 30 seconds of sending, helping to catch any errors.

Outside of that, many of the other Twitter Blue options (reader mode, bookmark folders) seemed pretty low-level, and not overly enticing – but then, with the expanded launch of the program to US users earlier this month, Twitter also added ad-free articles, top articles and additional elements that have made it a more valuable consideration.

Twitter Blue top articles

Variable app icons, as noted, is a smaller part of the overall Twitter Blue offering, but still, some people will like the capacity to give their icon a new skin, and maybe also give it a fresh feel in their app listings.

If that sounds like you, you can expect to see these new, colorful icons coming soon, and for $US2.99, you can switch yours to whichever you like.

Source:, originally published on 2021-11-27 17:40:00