Twitter Shares New insights into TV Show Discussion via Tweets [Infographic]

Twitter has shared some new insights into the rising TV show discussion on the platform, as well as the related interests of TV fans to assist in your planning.

As explained by Twitter:

People on Twitter are obsessed with TV. Six-Tweets-every-second obsessed. So by the time you get through an episode of Squid Game, there will be about 19,800 new Tweets about TV.

Indeed, Squid Game is just one of the shows that’s gained traction on the platform of late, with the real-time, public nature of the Twitter conversation adding another element to TV show engagement, and aligning users around common interests.

And as noted, TV fans are also discussing various other topics at a higher rate. You can check out Twitter’s full research here, conducted in partnership with AdAge, while we’ve also compiled the key notes into the below infographic.

Source:, originally published on 2021-10-28 18:52:24