Twitter Announces Coming DM Improvements, Including Multi-DM Sharing and Updated Navigation

Twitter has announced some new improvements coming to your tweet DMs, including new options for sharing tweets via private message, and improved navigational elements.

The main addition is the capacity to share a tweet across multiple DM chats at once, streamlining your private interactions. Now, you’ll be able to share the same Tweet in up to 20 different DM conversations, all at one time.

So if you’ve found a great meme that you want to share with several friends or chat groups, you’ll now be able to post it to them all, without having to repeat the same process over and over.

That could be particularly beneficial for brands looking to answer client queries, or keep key contacts updated on their latest announcements. Now, if you launch a new product, for example, you can promote it directly via DM to those who’ve contacted you in the past, which could be a good way to raise awareness among potentially interested users.

Or it could be a way to spam 20 people at once, which may well be why Twitter’s implemented a 20 user limit. Either way, there is potential for brand communications usage here, which may make it a valuable update.

In addition to this, Twitter’s adding a new quick-scroll button, which, when tapped, will skip to the latest message in a thred, saving you thumb and screen wear when you’re scanning back through the rest of the past chat.

This, again, could have potential for brands that use DMs, with the capacity to find past interactions for context, then quickly skip back to the latest response. 

Twitter’s also changing the display format for DMs, so that messages are grouped by date, causing less timestamp clutter in threads, while it’s also adding a new long-press option to attach an emoji reaction, in addition to double-tap for Like.

Twitter’s also working on additional reaction tools, which may see reaction emojis made available on regular tweets, similar to DMs. It hasn’t released any concrete confirmation of this as yet, but various app researchers have spotted the new emoji response options in testing, and it does look to be close to a live test.

These latest DM additions are not anything major, but they will make it easier to maintain your private discussions, and share relevant tweets, and scheduled Spaces, to your chats.

With the broader shift towards private messaging, and away from public posting in many contexts, Twitter has been working to update its DM options in line with usage trends, in order to encourage more chat engagement between users. Twitter also added DM username search earlier this year, and is reportedly working on the ability to search DMs by message text as well.

These new additions provide further refinement, and while they won’t transform the way you engage in the app, for brands in particular, they may help to streamline your DM process. 

The changes are rolling out on iOS from today, with the quick scroll and multi-tweet send options also rolling out on Android.

Source:, originally published on 2021-08-19 19:01:41