Twitter Adds New Updates to its Improved Version of TweetDeck

After launching a test of its new and improved version of Tweetdeck back in July, Twitter has now announced a new round of updates for the platform, which is still in invite-only mode, but looks set to become more widely available soon.

First off, Twitter’s re-added the DM column, providing another way to stay on top of your various tweet engagements.

“View, manage and send Direct Messages in the TweetDeck Preview in one or more columns. Better yet, create a Deck to manage all of your DMs and group chats.”

The capacity to manage DMs, alongside your tweets, has always been a helpful element, and the improved display in the new Tweetdeck, along with its updated ‘Decks’, will further ensure that social media managers are able to get the most out of the option.

Twitter’s also looking to improve its real-time monitoring capacity – now, all columns will automatically refresh, helping to keep track of the latest news.

Twitter also recently added the capacity to add an existing account, and switch between multiple accounts in the TweetDeck Preview panel.

The option provides more capacity for managing your updates – if you want to add an existing account:

  • Click your profile icon
  • Select “Add an existing account”
  • Once you’ve added your account(s), you can toggle between them by clicking your profile icon and then click the profile icon(s) of your added accounts

It’s also made it easier to jump to the top of the column (just look for the “Scroll to Top” and “See new Tweets” prompts at the top), while it’s also added a new undo option for when you mistakenly delete a column from your display.

Finally, Twitter’s added some improvements to its mouse and scrollbar functionality, improving on-screen navigation.

None of these tweaks are necessarily groundbreaking – and as regular TweetDeck users will note, many of these functions have been available, in different form, within TweetDeck for some time. But these new and improved variations will help to maximize functionality, while Twitter also continues to work towards a broader refresh of the entire TweetDeck app.

As noted, the new version of TweetDeck is currently in testing, with Twitter planning to expand access soon.  

Source:, originally published on 2021-09-30 17:14:10