Twitter Adds New Option to Let Non-Twitter Users Tune into Spaces

Twitter continues to build out its audio Spaces offering, this time with the addition of a new way to expand your Spaces audience, even among people who don’t have a Twitter profile.

As Twitter explains, now, when you share a link to a Spaces broadcast, non-Twitter users will also be able to tune in, which will give you more ways to showcase your audio broadcasts to a wider audience, both inside and outside the app.

Non-Twitter users can’t actually participate in the Spaces chat – they can’t be invited on as guests and they can’t react to the discussion. But it may provide more utility, with your shared Spaces links now having value beyond the app itself, which means that you can share them with all of your contacts and invite them to listen to your Spaces chats.

It’s the latest discovery addition for Spaces, which is the core aspect that Twitter’s looking to develop to make Spaces a more essential part of the app.

Aside from working on its dedicated Spaces tab, which is gradually being rolled out to more users, Twitter has also added topics for Spaces to alert users to discussions related to their interests, while it’s also now highlighting trending Spaces chats in the Explore tab, showcasing these popular sessions to a much broader potential audience.

Twitter has also begun the roll-out of Spaces recordings, providing an option for people to tune in to past broadcasts, and another way to expand the visibility and value of Spaces chats.

It’s still too early to tell whether Spaces will become a key element of the Twitter experience, but Twitter needs discovery elements like these to maximize exposure, and get as many people as possible tuning in, and trying out the option for themselves.

But as Clubhouse has found, ongoing discovery remains key. It’s one thing to find a cool audio chat to listen to, but it’s another to consistently find audio content, whenever you want to tune in, which is the real value-add aspect that will make audio social a truly valuable offering.

No platform has got this quite right as yet, but as you can see, Twitter’s working hard on this element, which will help to make Spaces more valuable for more users.

Source:, originally published on 2021-11-05 16:17:57