TikTok Tests New Option to Tag Other Profiles in Your Video Clips

TikTok‘s trying out a new way to boost engagement with a new video tagging feature that would enable you to tag other profiles in your clips.

As you can see in this example, posted by social media expert Matt Navarra (via Sam Schmir), the new option is in addition to the existing @mention option within the post captions, meaning you would be able to keep your caption text free of mentions, and still prompt other profiles to alert them to your clip.

In this respect, it wouldn’t be a big change, functionally, but it would provide another, more integrated means to link to other creators and/or profiles, which could help to promote both your own and other people’s presence – while for brands, it could also provide another way to boost community engagement, by alerting top supporters or creative partners to your latest uploads and clips.

That’s where this could be particularly beneficial. What if, for example, you had a listing of TikTok profiles that had previously asked questions about one of your products featured in another video, or had asked a question about a coming upgrade or feature in a Q and A session? With this, you would be able to tag them specifically, alerting them to these answers or updates, which could help to add a more personal touch to your videos,

But again, you can theoretically do this already, by @mentioning them in the caption, but this could be a better way to both tag relevant people while still keeping your caption more generic, and clutter-free, in addition to highlighting content partners.

Either way, it could be another element to experiment with. TikTok’s testing the new option now, with no plans for a full rollout at this stage.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2021-11-29 18:16:12