TikTok Launches 'Small Wins' SMB Showcase to Help Businesses Build an Effective TikTok Presence

TikTok’s looking to encourage more small businesses to make use of its platform in their marketing efforts via a new initiative called ‘Small Wins’, which will showcase the various ways in which SMBs are using TikTok clips to connect with a wider audience.

As explained by TikTok:

“Through a series of videos featuring small businesses from across the globe, Small Wins aims to highlight TikTok’s value to small businesses, educate them on how to use TikTok to grow, and demonstrate how small businesses are turning “small wins” into big success on the platform. From the bakery owner who turned 3,000 followers into two million, to the candlemaker who went viral without even trying, small businesses of all kinds are showing that on TikTok, small does win.

The video series will feature a range of SMBs, and highlight how they utilize TikTok in their marketing, while also sharing creative tips and tricks.

There are 21 videos in the series thus far, with each aiming to guide viewers towards building their own TikTok campaigns, and signing on for additional business features.

The broader focus here is on getting more advertisers spending more money on TikTok, as it looks to maximize its business potential, in line with its meteoric growth. The platform is now up to a billion active users, and has quickly become a key facilitator of trends and memes that can drive consumer action.

Which has many now questioning how they can build their own TikTok presence, and as regions continue re-opening in the wake of the pandemic, this new push will see increased traction, and response, and help more SMBs become TikTok creators.

There are some interesting insights and perspectives, and if you’re looking for a way into the app, it could give you the spark you need to get started.

You can learn more about TikTok’s Small Wins program here.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2021-10-28 16:32:56