TikTok Announces 'TikTok World' Showcase Event for September 28th

TikTok is the social platform of the moment, with its never-ending stream of light-hearted video clips providing entertainment for an increasing amount of users around the world, with the app continually leading the download charts and rising to become a genuine competitor for Facebook and Instagram.

So what’s next for the platform? Can TikTok continue to innovate and evolve in line with user expectations, and actually become real, significant, ongoing competition for the big players in the space?

We’ll get more of an idea of this next month, when TikTok hosts its first ever ‘TikTok World’ showcase event.

The event will give us a preview of what’s next for TikTok, though the full details of the program schedule have not been released at this stage.

It sounds similar to Facebook’s F8 and Snapchat’s Partner Summit events, where each platform presents an overview of their various projects, and insights on what they’re working on bringing to market.

For TikTok, that’ll likely include new eCommerce tools and further integration options that will help brands link up with relevant platform influencers for promotions. TikTok’s also experimenting with longer-form video, which could present new opportunities, while it’s also testing advanced live-streaming functionality.

TikTok’s also working on a new AR Effect Studio tool, which would enable creators to build their own AR effects, which could also be part of the TikTok World showcase.  

They could even provide some early info on TikTok’s plans for virtual reality, with TikTok’s parent company ByteDance recently purchasing VR headset maker Pico. Could that see TikTok clips merging into virtual form, with dance crazes that you can participate in with your VR avatar, as opposed to traditional video clips?

It’s impossible to predict exactly how TikTok will approach this, but it is interesting to note that the app is looking to the next stage, in order to keep up with evolving trends.

As noted, there’s not a lot to go on at this stage, with the event only open for early media registration at this stage.

We’ll keep you updated on any announcements.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2021-08-30 17:32:29