Snapchat Adds New Certification Course to Help Build Expertize in Snap Ads

Snapchat has added a new certificate course in ad optimization to its Snap Focus education platform, providing another pathway to build your Snap ads expertise, and showcase your understanding of the platform in an official, recognized capacity.

As explained by Snap:

Snapchat Ads Manager Optimization is a five-course certification path designed to help media planners, buyers, and strategists report on and optimize for full-funnel results on Snapchat. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of the tools and resources available to report and measure campaign performance as well as how to apply those learnings to optimize and improve campaign results.

The course adds to Snap’s gradually evolving platform education offering, which also includes courses in AR creation available on its Lens Studio platform.

Snapchat launched its first ad certification course back in July, with its ‘Ads Manager Campaign Activation’ program, which focused on elements like split-testing, cross-channel measurement and other key aspects of your ad campaign set-up.

This new course digs deeper into maximizing your results, with the structure of the program separated into five key elements:

  • Visualize Campaign Data – Build custom reports to meet your needs, quickly monitor performance, and determine optimizations. 
  • Troubleshoot Campaign Performance – Identify and resolve non-performance across your campaigns and troubleshoot issues related to bidding, budget, and creative.
  • Optimize Performance In-Flight – Adjust delivery settings to increase campaign efficiency as well as the levers that can increase engagement for your intended audience. 
  • Apply Learnings to Future Campaigns – Use Split Tests and Delivery Insights to inform future campaigns and grow your audience.
  • Get Ad Support – Discover the best way to get help from Ad Support through the Business Help Center and Live Chat.

The new component also includes a detailed overview of how Snapchat utilizes Apple’s SKAdNetwork tracking, and how that will influence your performance results. SKAdNetwork is the primary tracking option Apple now provides as a result of its iOS 14.5 privacy update.

Each element of the course takes around 10 minutes to complete, while you’re allocated 60 minutes to complete the final exam. And it’s not a flimsy course – I failed on my first attempt, at 60% correct, because I rushed through to see whether it was a cupcake test, designed to make users feel good about themselves, as opposed to focusing on education, in order to encourage more spend (many similar courses are like this).

The course covers a range of complex elements of Snap’s ad platform, and provides walkthroughs and explainers, which will give you a better understanding of these elements.

At the conclusion of the program, if you pass the final test (with a mark above 80%), you get this snappy digital certificate to show off your Snap ads expertise.

Snap ads certificate

It’s a good overview of the more in-depth elements of Snap’s ads platform, and the various functions at your disposal, which will help you troubleshoot and report on your results.

You can find the new Snapchat Ads Manager Optimization course in the Snap Focus education platform.

Source:, originally published on 2021-11-02 19:33:39