Reddit Launches New Holiday Guide to Assist in Campaign Planning

With Christmas now less than 150 days away, Reddit has today launched a new Holiday Hub mini-site, which provides a range of insights into key platform usage trends, in order to help marketers understand the latest shifts and build more effective holiday campaigns.

As explained by Reddit:

Holiday purchases start with Reddit research. People come to Reddit looking for advice on gifts to buy, traditions to start, recipes to cook, and more. They turn to trusted communities at every stage of the way – from discovery to consideration and action.”

It may not feel as obvious a consumer research channel as some other platforms, but Reddit’s highly engaged communities are where many people now turn for trusted advice and insight, and through the platform’s evolving ad tools, it may well be worth considering within your planning.

Reddit’s holiday guide provides further insight into this element, including the growing influence that the platform has in the path to purchase. 

These results come from a recent study of Reddit users, which also found that 64% of Redditors say that the app helps them evaluate which products and brands are best for their holiday gift purchases.

Again, it may not be the first platform that springs to mind for promotions, but Reddit communities are highly trusted, and play a crucial role in the interactive process of its 52 million daily active users.

The guide also looks at key usage trends and notes around the holidays:

Reddit Holiday Guide

As well as how to plan out your campaigns in line with key shifts:

Reddit Holiday Guide

Reddit’s also provided a range of case studies and tips, as well as an overview of key pointers for your marketing approach.

Reddit Holiday Guide

It won’t be for every brand – not every business needs to get active in each potentially relevant subreddit and start learning how to use memes for more effective ad resonance in user feeds. But there are opportunities there, and at the least, it is likely worth researching related activity in the app, and considering whether that might be a good option to help boost your messaging, and connect with these audiences.

There’s a heap more info on Reddits Holiday Hub site, which you can check out here.

Source:, originally published on 2021-07-28 19:29:15