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What’s working on Twitter right now, and what are the best ways to maximize your tweets to help boost your branding and sales efforts?

The platform is going through a period of change, with the addition of new features like Spaces and Fleets (RIP), and a bigger focus on creator monetization, with a view to increasing engagement and audience retention in the app.

At the same time, Twitter is also exploring new eCommerce options, while video consumption on the platform continues to rise.

Amid all of this, what are the key ways in which you can boost your Twitter performance?

To get some direct insights on this, we recently spoke to Adam Ilenich, the Global Community Manager for Twitter Marketing. Here are Adam’s notes on some of the key questions facing Twitter marketers today.

Q. What ad/promotional elements are seeing the best response on Twitter right now?

AI: One of the products we’re seeing great response to is Twitter Amplify, our premium, brand-safe and measurable video solution. It enables brands and small businesses to connect with key audiences around interests that matter to them.

A recent study we conducted, found that ads paired with premium video served in-feed delivered 2.2x higher brand favorability and 1.7x higher purchase intent versus the same ads on non-feed premium platforms. Twitter Amplify achieves this by pairing brands with top-tier, timely publisher video content to reach their target audience, and helps extend a brand’s reach to incremental audiences.

Another format we’re seeing a great response to on Twitter is Carousel Ads. This format helps marketers drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos – all within a single ad.

Carousel Ads can seamlessly transition through various products, highlight specific features, or tell a brand story that develops across two to six Carousel cards.

Q. What’s the key to an effective marketing strategy on Twitter? 

AI: Twitter is what’s happening, and what people are talking about right now, and as we mentioned in our latest letter to shareholders, we’ve seen more and more people turn to Twitter to talk about what matters to them. They’re passionate, influential, and oftentimes the first to try, buy, and share new products. 

The best way to connect to your brand’s audience on Twitter? Through the power of conversation. 

On Twitter, it’s the conversations people are having that make the platform what it is – and as it turns out, conversation also makes Twitter such a powerful tool for brands and small businesses.

Here are two reasons why:

  • Real results – Driving conversation on Twitter can make your media investment worth it. One Twitter study showed that just a 10% rise in conversation led to a 3% increase in sales volume for at least one brand in the study.
  • Influence – We already know that Twitter is where the public conversation is happening, and where people are ready to engage with brands. But our research shows that, on average, investing in paid media on Twitter can drive a 131% increase in conversation about your brand.

Simply put – conversation matters for brands. 

Q. What’s the most common mistake you see brands make with their Twitter approach?

AI: Trying to blend in.

Blending in is a great way to avoid critique or feedback from your audience. But here’s the catch: by blending in, you won’t stand out.

The quick, conversational nature of Twitter makes it the perfect place for brands to shine as their most authentic, human-sounding selves. For example, @McDonalds serves up what we’re all thinking, @Xbox wins at internet culture, and @alexa99 brings its quirky AI personality to the timeline. 

Each of these brands has created a unique voice and tone that they’re now known for, and each has built a loyal following on Twitter.

Don’t underestimate the qualities that make your brand unique and authentic, because it’s those very qualities that will help your brand break through on the timeline. 

A few tips for creating your brand’s authentic voice: 

  • Figure out the guardrails for what you won’t say; flex within that structure to strike the right chord
  • Use the words, phrases, and sentence structure your target audience uses
  • Dial up the qualities that are unique to your brand
  • Dial down industry jargon or a tone that’s too formal
  • Test and iterate to find out what approach performs the best

Q. What’s a good example of a brand that’s achieving strong results with Twitter marketing?

AI: There are lots of brands that are succeeding and reaching their goals on Twitter.

One of our favorite examples is Ford, which turned to Twitter to announce their big move to electric vehicles. With the #F150Lightning Reveal on Twitter, Ford aimed to not only create aspirational awareness, but also drive impactful adoption by re-inventing their most popular and trusted truck to be the smartest, most powerful F-150.

Ford created a Livestream Reveal moment on Twitter that captured the country’s attention and shifted perceptions about Ford and electric vehicles. Ford’s Live Event inspired confidence in the shift to EVs, made a statement about the future and showcased Ford as a leader in the EV revolution. 

Their #F150Lightning Reveal livestream drove 4.5M live views and has accumulated over 1.15B impressions to date from conversations on Twitter.

Q. What would be your top tip for someone starting out with Twitter marketing?

AI: Visit to learn the tips and tricks that’ll help your brand succeed on Twitter.

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