New Study Highlights Key Trends and Traits in Viral TikTok Content [Infographic]

What works on TikTok, and what elements should you be focusing on in your TikTok content approach?

The best answer, really, is organic content, with TikTok users responding better to ads and campaigns that align with the presentation styles and formats of user clips in the app. But if you want to dig a bit deeper – which no doubt many brands will be looking to do this holiday season – this new study from the team at SEMRush might help.

To glean more insight into what TikTok users respond to, SEMRush conducted an analysis of 300 of the most popular TikTok clips to measure what the common elements were in each, what impact including certain hashtags and keywords might be (note: TikTok has previously stated that adding tags like ‘ForYou’ and ‘FYP’ have no impact on reach), and the variance in engagement between verified and non-verified users, among other things.

The findings could help you map out a better TikTok approach – and again, while the real answer lies in learning the platform, and understanding how TikTok users interact, there could be some valuable pointers in these notes.

You can check out SEMRush’s full TikTok trends study here.

Source:, originally published on 2021-11-15 16:50:30