New Report Looks at How Small Businesses are Approaching Automation [Infographic]

In recent times, more and more automation and technological solutions have been developed to undertake a range of day-to-day functions, from obtaining legal advice to driving a car.

Some of those are obviously further along than others, but the direction that we’re headed in is clear – soon, more and more of our daily life will be managed by machines. That’ll bring major efficiencies, but also new challenges, particularly for business owners who’ll need to make tough calls on efficiency over service, and robots over people in some respects.

So how are small businesses, in particular, adjusting to this shift, and how are they looking to utilize new automation tools to maximize their operations?  

To glean more insight on this, Skynova recently surveyed 288 SMB owners in the US to get their perspective on what they automate, what they don’t consider feasible for automation, and the benefits that they’ve seen.

In summary, email and social media marketing is more open to automation, along with data analysis and some accounting functions, but direct, customer-facing elements are not in consideration for most brands. Yet.

That also, it’s worth noting, extends to customer engagement on social media, an important element to consider in your planning

You can check out Skynova’s full report here, or take a look at the infographic listing below.  

Source:, originally published on 2021-09-19 00:32:00