New Report Highlights the Growth of Data Hacks, and Key Concerns Among Web Users [Infographic]

Amid all the reports of data breaches and hacks, which have become increasingly common in recent times, have you updated your personal security processes, or even your social media and email passwords to improve your own protection?

This could help spark you into action, the team from RouterNetwork recently conducted a new research report into data hacks around the world, which underlines the need to take the issue seriously.

The report incorporates data from HaveIBeenPwned, which tracks data breaches from companies and web services around the world. In addition, RouterNetwork also surveyed 1,007 Americans to glean more insight into their experiences and concerns about data breaches.

Among the key findings and notes:

  • Since 2007, data breaches have affected 11.5 billion accounts.
  • Respondents were most concerned about Facebook, Instagram, and their financial accounts being breached
  • 89% of respondents remain somewhat concerned about using sensitive data, like credit card info, on the internet

The data points to the need for increased assurance from eCommerce providers, to help alleviate any stress on this front.

Also, an odd point of interest:

“Data breaches are most likely to occur in Winter, and on a Monday or Thursday.”

Seems like hackers have a bit more time on their hands in the colder months.

You can read RouterNetwork’s full research overview here, or check out the infographic summary below.

Source:, originally published on 2021-10-04 17:27:06