LinkedIn Publishes New Guide to Effective Brand Building on the Platform

LinkedIn has published another new guide on the value of brand-building on the platform, and establishing connection with your target buyers through a more all-encompassing promotional and outreach process.

The 33-page guide is the latest in a series of marketing overviews from the platform, which also published a similar branding guide last month.

As outlined by LinkedIn:

“As we transition to a post-pandemic world, companies of all sizes will navigate uncharted waters to redefine plans for long-term growth. To thrive, you will need to grow, reach, and establish trust with your community by connecting and resonating with your customers.”

The guide covers all aspects of effective brand-building on LinkedIn, including activation strategies, measuring share of voice, and the value of emotional messaging.

Establishing emotional connection, and building mental cognizance, is really the key message here, with LinkedIn noting that:

“Emotional messaging is key to capturing the 95% of buyers who are out of market for when they are in-market. Even though people are rational by nature, they can be emotional when making decisions.”

In order to work towards this, LinkedIn outlines the key drivers of ‘mental availability’, or the likelihood that a customer will think of your brand in a buying scenario.

LinkedIn brand guide

“Before customers come to market, in a buying scenario, they should be primed with repeated, memorable exposure to your brand. Then, as those buyers come in-market, more rational messaging can help you capitalize on this underlying brand strength to achieve short-term results”

Essentially, LinkedIn says that by establishing your brand, through various activations, ads and community-building elements (like page posts and groups), you stand a better chance of being the go-to in your niche, and maximizing response based on your cumulative effort.

The guide also covers marketing strategies, and underlines the value of reaching broader audiences with your brand-building efforts. It then provides a more in-depth overview of how LinkedIn’s tools, specifically, can help facilitate such.

LinkedIn brand building guide

It also includes notes on how to measure the performance of your brand-building efforts on the platform, and an overview of key LinkedIn ads and targeting options.

LinkedIn brand building guide

Finally, LinkedIn also shares a series of case studies to provide more specific context as to how businesses have been able to drive branding success with LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn brand building guide

There are some valuable notes here, and some good checklists for your LinkedIn marketing process, which includes details on newer LinkedIn options like Reach Optimization and Brand Lift testing. 

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your LinkedIn approach, it’s definitely worth a look. 

You can download the new guide to growing your brand on LinkedIn here

Source:, originally published on 2021-08-18 18:21:54