LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on Effective Brand Building Strategies

LinkedIn has published a new guide to help businesses maximize their longer-term branding goals, in alignment with short-term sales targets, in order to improve their overall marketing performance as we look towards the next stage.

The pandemic has obviously impacted all marketing approaches, and as LinkedIn notes, it’s important for brands to keep their longer-term prospects in mind, while also managing immediate pressures.

“Short-term sales activation messages are unlikely to be a hit right now, which is why your brand is more important than ever. Binet and Field are two of B2B marketing’s leading thinkers on brand effectiveness, and they are pretty clear on what works. Brand building – broader messaging that works on an emotional level – is far more effective at driving long-term growth. And that’s exactly what content marketing can help you achieve. Just as importantly, those emotions are absolutely crucial to realising the kind of fame that puts you at the forefront of your audience’s mind.”

With this focus in mind, the new 13-page guide book provides a range of notes on key elements to consider within your branding strategy, and how LinkedIn can help to boost your presence and connection.

LinkedIn first highlights the importance of longer-term building and activation, with many marketers still changing things up too early – which is particularly relevant right now.

The guide then provides more direct insights into how you can go about building a more effective, longer-term brand strategy, outlining specific steps and stages within the process.

LinkedIn Brand Building guide

The focus here is on B2B marketing, but many of the notes are largely universal, and will apply to all branding campaigns and strategies.

The guide also outlines more specific steps that you can take to maximize your digital branding efforts.

LinkedIn brand building guide

Many of these steps may seem obvious, but by breaking them down, and providing more insight into the focus of each, that can help to provide a clearer picture of how these elements relate to your approach specifically, and how you can build them into your broader marketing effort.

There are some interesting notes, and they’ll help to get you thinking about your platform strategies, and considering your current planning around these elements.

You can download LinkedIn’s ‘Brand to Demand’ pocket guide here.

Source:, originally published on 2021-07-29 15:41:49