LinkedIn Publishes New Glossary of Marketing Terms to Help Improve Understanding

Do you ever find yourself lost among the jargon when you’re trying to research a new marketing update, or trying to stay on top of the latest metrics to track, in order to measure your brand performance?

Marketers love an acronym, and the deeper you get into the process, the more confusing it gets, with every TOFU, BOFU, AOV and MER reference all serving to further entrench those already ‘in the know’, and filter out the pretenders looking to keep up.

So how can you go from ‘pretender’ to ‘expert’ – or even on a more basic level, how can you just stay up with the more commonly applicable references to ensure that you can understand the elements you need to maximize for your own ad efforts?

This new guide from LinkedIn aims to provide some assistance – and while it won’t serve as a talisman to navigate all the online marketing jargon, it could help you get your head around some of the main, common concepts.

LinkedIn’s 9-page ‘Ultimate Glossary of Brand Building Terms’ is fairly brief, but it does cover many of the basic terms.

The guide is presented in alphabetical order, with a range of terms explained.

There are also some stranger ones, that kind of feel like they need no explanation:

LinkedIn Marketing Glossary

But maybe, within a marketing-specific context, it’ll help establish a better grounding for your process, which could make it easier to navigate the key information you require.

I mean, not on Social Media Today – we work to try and explain things as clearly as we can so you don’t need to be a marketing expert to know what each update means for your business. But in general terms, as you look to build your digital marketing knowledge, it is handy, at times, to have a reference point like this to help you stay on top of exactly what each update and process actually means, practically, for you and your brand.

It’s brief, and there’s not a heap to it, but it could be a helpful addition for your process.

You can download LinkedIn’s ‘Ultimate Glossary of Brand Building Terms’ pocket guide here.

Source:, originally published on 2021-08-30 17:07:28