LinkedIn Launches Updated Lead Gen Forms Integration for Zapier, Providing New Automation Opportunities

LinkedIn has made collecting audience data a little easier with the launch of a new Event Registration trigger in the Lead Generation Forms integration for Zapier, enabling you to connect your gathered lead gen forms info with third-party tools and apps.

For those unfamiliar, Zapier is an automation tool that enables you to connect different app functionalities into a single stream.

LinkedIn Zapier integration

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Retrieved from Zapier on September 23, 2021


The app makes it easier to set up automation flows like this, without needing specific programming knowledge, with Zapier’s bolt-on modules essentially enabling you to build processes that can streamline your efforts, without a lot of technical set-up on your part.

And the updated LinkedIn Lead Gen integration could provide significant benefits – as explained by LinkedIn:

Automation can make it significantly easier (and faster!) to add registrants from LinkedIn to an event or to a list in another app, like your web conferencing tool or a CRM”

For example, using the Zapier/LinkedIn lead gen integration, you could create an automation flow that automatically adds a webinar registrant in Zoom every time someone signs up for your event, or you could add all Lead Gen Forms responses to a Google Sheet for easy sorting and retargeting.

LinkedIn’s Lead Generation forms enable you to capture key details on interested users, including their name, contact info, company name, seniority, job title, and location. The details are automatically populated into your form, as per the data on the users’ LinkedIn profile, making it an easy way to gather audience insights, which you can then add into your own audience database.

And with that, you can also segment and categorize your contact info for future outreach, with the Zapier integration making this a step easier by automating direct upload of that info direct to a spreadsheet, or your CRM.

It’s a good addition, and while you do need to have an active Zapier account, it may well be worth the investment for those running events, and looking for better ways to track and maintain their audience data.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s Lead Generation Forms integration for Zapier here.

Source:, originally published on 2021-09-22 19:04:28