Facebook Updates its Rights Protection Tools to Help Brands Detect Violations of IP Across its Apps

Facebook’s looking to help businesses crackdown on unapproved use of their intellectual property across its apps, with a new update to its Commerce and Ads IP Tool, which it’s also renaming to ‘Brand Rights Protection’, providing a more direct description of its purpose.

As you can see in this image, Facebook’s Brand Rights Protection platform enables businesses to upload images of their licensed products, which Facebook’s systems can then use as a reference point for detecting similar matches, and highlighting potential usage violations in Page posts, Marketplace listings, etc.

As explained by Facebook:

“Brand Rights Protection allows enrolled trademark owners to search and report content that they believe infringes on their IP rights, and now offers features to streamline and automate the process.”

Businesses need to register their trademark certificates and credentials with Facebook, which will then give them capacity to utilize the tool to detect matches based on legal ownership.

The main update to the new platform is the capacity to upload and save up to 10 images, such as logos or product images, for reference in scanning content across Facebook and Instagram. Up till now, brands haven’t been able to save these searches, and have only been able to search on a proactive, case-by-case basis. The new update will provide more capacity for consistent tracking and alerts, which will help IP owners better detect potential violations of their licensed products.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also expanding the search capacity for the tool beyond paid ads, with brands now also able to search and report Instagram accounts and posts that they think may be infringing on their rights.

That’s a significant expansion, which will likely catch out a lot more violations of IP, and could, eventually, extend to unlicensed or unwanted usage in influencer posts and other paid partnerships.

Facebook’s also added a new dashboard of total IP actions, including the status of their IP reports, and historic activity.

Facebook Brand Rights Protection

The additions will provide more capacity for brands to monitor the usage of their product images, and address unapproved instances and scams, and in conjunction with Rights Manager, Facebook’s copyright detection tool for creators and publishers, that will provide enhanced coverage to detect potential violations, and address such before they can harm creators and rights owners via Facebook’s apps.

Ideally, that will see an end of those scam sunglass sale posts in your feed, and dodgy re-sellers on Marketplace, while it will also become a more critical element as the platform pushes further into eCommerce and on-platform selling.

You can check out the new Brand Rights Protection platform via Business Manager – more info here.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2021-10-22 14:59:24