Why Wordle Is The Hottest Trend on Social Media Right Now

What is Wordle (and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?)

Wordle is a website where users have six attempts to guess a five letter world. 

After guessing a random five-letter word, the game tells you (through colors) whether any of your letters are in the daily word and if they are in the correct place.

A new word populates every 24 hours, and it’s the same word for every single visitor (no matter where you live in the world). 

It may sound simple, but it’s surprisingly addictive. 

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How Did Wordle Start?

The trending game was founded by Josh Wardle, a software engineer, who originally created the website for his word-game-loving girlfriend. 

What started as a small fun daily activity for his family has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

And when we say worldwide, we mean it. From your favorite talk-show hosts and comedians to brands and influencers, everyone is talking about Wordle. 

The rise in popularity has been massive. According to The Guardian, daily participants have grown from a mere 90 in November 2021, to 2M in January 2022.

Why Is Worldle Trending?

Worldle has taken over our social media feeds because of how easy and simple it is to share your results.

With hundreds of thousands of people tweeting their results every single day, it makes for a powerful moment on social media.

But without context, it’s hard to know what the color blocks mean – creating a level of curiosity and a desire to be in on the conversation. 

And with so many people at home craving connection and looking for something to do, it’s the perfect formula for mass participation.

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2022-01-28 09:12:41