What Brands & Creators Can Learn From BookTok

4 Things Creators & Brands Can Learn from BookTok

BookTokers have led to the resurgence of an entire industry. 

Here are four things you can learn from BookTok creators:

  1. Leverage UGC

  2. It’s Okay To Keep It Casual

  3. The First Three Seconds Are Everything

  4. Nurture Your Niche 

Learning #1: Leverage UGC 

In a nutshell, user-generated content (UGC) is the social media equivalent of a word-of-mouth recommendation — making it a marketing powerhouse.

And the proof is in the pudding with BookTok, where creators organically share book recommendations and tips to their thousands of followers. 

Creators can leverage UGC to form relationships with brands they genuinely enjoy and to build their media kit.

On the flip side, brands can re-post UGC to build a level of trust with their followers that doesn’t translate in a traditional paid marketing campaign. 

Plus, there’s a growing UGC creators trend that benefits both creators and brands.

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Learning #2: It’s Okay To Keep It Casual

BookTok truly mimics the feeling of snuggling up with a good book. 

Translation: You don’t need expensive equipment or the perfect aesthetic to connect with your TikTok audience. 

For example, see how BookTok creator Kendra chats through recent reads in her bedroom:

And need not forget brands like Indigo who post simple, laid-back content from their stores and offices: 

Casual videos are encouraged on TikTok — the closer your audience feels to FaceTiming you, the better. 

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Learning #3: The First Three Seconds Are Everything

The first three seconds of video content is pivotal to grab your audience’s attention, and BookTokers have cracked the code.

See how creator Amy’s BookShelf uses on-screen text to introduce her TikTok: 

This video alone managed to score Amy over 400K likes and 2K comments. 

With over 1M TikToks viewed everyday, people want to be entertained immediately or they’re on to the next. 

By making the first three seconds of your video engaging, you’ll keep their attention for longer, and reach more eyes too. 

Learning #4: Nurture Your Niche 

The more you regularly post content catered to your niche, the more the TikTok algorithm will recognize your content and serve it to the right audience. 

Take for example creator Ayman who exclusively posts “bookish” content on her TikTok: 

Since Ayman is consistent, it’s likely her content will show up when people search BookTok. 

The takeaway? Follow suit with BookTok creators and stay true to your niche. 

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While the future of BookTok is uncertain, one thing’s for sure — creators and brands can learn quite a few things from its success. 

Whether it’s investing in UGC or nailing down a niche, these TikTok tactics are one for the books. 

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2022-11-29 15:50:30