Twitter Highlights Key Shopping Conversation Trends Leading into the Christmas Period [Infographic]

I don’t want to say this – it feels strange to even be mentioning it. But Christmas is now only 165 days away, which means that marketers need to start thinking about their holiday campaigns, and how they ramp up their promotions at the right time leading into the holiday shopping peaks.

Yes, the year is going too quick. It feels like it was New Year only a few weeks back. But if you want to maximize your opportunities, you need to plan ahead, and now is the perfect time to map out an escalating approach leading into the season.

To help with this, the team from Twitter have put together a new overview of key holiday shopping trends to assist in your planning. The listing below looks at how and when holiday chatter ramps up over the latter months, while Twitter’s also highlighted some key product trends of note.

You can read Twitter’s full overview here, or check out the infographic summary below.

Source:, originally published on 2022-07-13 15:30:27