Re-Introducing Seer: Our Rebrand Journey, Sneak Peek, and What’s Next

In 2021, if you asked 10 people at Seer Interactive what our vision is, how our service lines work together, or what our proprietary technology does … you’d most likely get 10 different answers. 

Most of the time, all those answers were accurate, just explained at different depths, with different words, and through different viewpoints.

One thing was clear though — when it came to consistently and concisely highlighting the high level value of Seer to a potential client or team member, we were falling short.

Hypothesis & Goals

If we can re-define and re-align our brand across all facets of our business — we’ll generate a better-fit audience of clients, team members, and partners to help us grow.

And when Seer grows, so does the impact on our communities (i.e. our Clients, Coworkers, Industry, and the actual communities in which we live and work).

To achieve this, we set the following goals for the Rebrand:

  1. Elevate Seer’s Brand Perception: Our branding needs to represent the quality work our team completes each day for our communities.
  2. Simplify Our Value & Services PositioningOur brand story, services and technology value-adds, our differentiators in the marketplace. Create definitions that are easy to understand and enable people to quickly decide if we sound like the type of agency they want to work with/for (or not!)
  3. Scale Content Management & Automation: With the Redesign, we took it as an opportunity to also get more efficient with our marketing technology stack by migrating our CMS from WordPress to HubSpot. This will enable us to connect our website, content, and campaigns for greater automation capabilities and test new ways of engaging with our audience at each step of their journey with Seer.

The Process

💡 Trust the process already? Skip to the sneak peek reveal.

Working with BLVR, our branding agency — we compiled internal team and client perceptions, desires, challenges, and goals as well as analyzed the competitive landscape, current market trends, etc.

We brought it all together to find the opportunity for us to target our audience segments in a way that would resonate — leveraging our unique value proposition (UVP) alongside what we learned through:

  • Questionnaires
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Net Promoter Score study
  • Existing sales, marketing, and culture collateral
  • Competitive audit
  • Industry research

This enabled us to create a strategic framework for the Seer Interactive rebrand that all pointed back to two things:

  1. Staying true to our core values
  2. Addressing our audience’s needs

Our branding agency used the above to put together the new creative concept you’ll find in the sneak peek below:

New Culture Code & Positioning

Our mission is to harness compassion, data, and technology to make a mark on our communities.


Relentlessly pursuing (and sharing) the truth.


To unlock potential.


A world where it’s easy to do the right thing.


You know your business; we know the data. Let’s bring it all together.

New Style, Logos & Colors

Our goal was not to change who Seer is — we are still the same heart, soul, and brains that built this company.

Rather, we set out to better visualize who we already are. And we are BRIGHT! Just take a look at our new style:

While we’ve tightened up our look and feel, we also felt it was important to maintain a calling to our roots.

Here are two ways we’ve attempted to create that connectivity:

The Updated ‘S’ Symbol

The original symbol our branding agency pitched us had all sharp edges. We ended up calling it “The Atari ‘S’” because of the throwback vibes it gave us.

But we wanted to find a way to bring that into the future. With some slight, but meaningful tweaks, rounded edges were added to some of the points to give the feel of old school and innovation coming together.

The “Spray Paint” Effect

We are a digital marketing agency that works to holistically understand the search experience for our client’s users. That means combining things like SEO, PPC, Analytics, CRO, Creative, and more into a seamless experience.

The spray paint effect you’ll see used throughout our new branding is a memento of that integration – lines need to be blurred, overlap needs to occur, and new strategies (colors) will emerge from there.

You’re going to start seeing our new branding out in the marketplace starting today. What better way to celebrate our 20th anniversary?

While our new site won’t be launching until Fall — starting this transition now allows us to more efficiently distribute our new branding over time.

Until then, be on the lookout for more posts that dive deeper into this process, how we made decisions, and advice for going through your own Rebrand / Redesign.

Thank you so much for being part of Seer’s journey these past two decades. We are honored by your trust and support along the way. 

And special shout out to all those who helped get us here — it truly took a village!

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Source:, originally published on 2022-08-30 15:31:31