Meta Launches New Rights Manager Mini-Site to Help Brands Detect and Action IP Violations

Meta’s looking to provide more help for businesses that are seeking to ensure their intellectual copyright is not being exploited within its apps, with the launch of a new, dedicated Rights Manager mini-site, which includes a complete overview of Meta’s rights management systems, as well as explainers on how to use its tools.

As explained by Meta:

Our new Rights Manager website includes details on all protections under Rights Manager. We provide unprecedented transparency into the tools and policies we use to help copyright holders better control when, how and where their content is shared on our services. The website further explains the many systems, policies and procedures we use to protect lawful content.”

The site includes a heap of links and overviews, covering every aspect of Meta’s evolving rights management systems, and includes testimonials from businesses that have benefited from its tools.

There’s also an overview of all of the updates that Meta’s made to its rights management processes over time:

Meta Rights Manager

Meta’s Brand Rights Manager tool, which is the main functional element of the site, enables brands to upload images of their licensed products, which Meta’s systems can then use as a reference point for detecting similar matches, in order to highlight potential usage violations in Page posts, Marketplace listings, etc. 

Facebook Brand Rights Protection

Last October, Meta added some new enhancements for the tool, including automated takedowns (for brands with a strong reporting history), improved alert recommendations, and the ability for rights holders to upload a list of Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that are authorized to use their product images, to limit false positives.

It’s an increasingly valuable tool, and as more businesses look to capitalize on online shopping, it makes sense that more will also be looking to use misleading product images, or to re-sell goods at inflated prices.

Meta’s evolving solutions could be of big benefit in this respect, and this new, dedicated site provides more information on exactly how those systems work, and how brands can make best use of these options.

Certainly worth considering for all eCommerce brands.

You can apply for access to Meta’s Rights Manager here, or check out the new mini-site here.

Source:, originally published on 2023-01-24 17:32:06