Meta Announces New Training and Support Resources for Female-Owned Businesses

Meta has announced some new support measures for female-led businesses, which have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, as well as new education resources to help female entrepreneurs navigate into the next stage of post-pandemic recovery.

The announcement comes as part of a broader push for Women’s History Month, and includes a range of free insights to help women business owners succeed.

As explained by Meta:

“We’re expanding out #SheMeansBusiness program in North America to address an ongoing financial literacy gap we see between women and men. Beginning this month, anyone can sharpen their financial acumen for free with new trainings led by financial expert, Lauren Washington. Modules range from business financial basics to assessing financial health and will be rolling out on an ongoing basis throughout the year.”

Meta launched its #SheMeansBusiness program last year, as part of its broader COVID response measures, which it’s continued to build on ever since. This new update will provide even more ways for women entrepreneurs to glean free insights, while it will also highlight Meta-specific training to help boost your social media marketing performance.  

In addition to this, Meta is also launching a new ‘MentHERship’ video series, which will provide expert tips from women business leaders, and will expand on the existing video resources available on the #SheMeansBusiness mini-site.

Meta has also launched a new, 34-page cultural guide, which provides insights into the challenges and opportunities for women in business, along with tips and notes on how to maximize success.

Meta women led business guide

As noted, female-led businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, with Meta’s latest State of Small Business report showing that closure rates for women-owned businesses have risen by 6% since July 2021, compared to little to no change from male-led counterparts.

“In the US, nearly a quarter (24%) of US women-led small businesses were not operational at the time of survey, compared to 18% of male-led small businesses.”

Meta State of Small Business stats

Given this, Meta’s International Women’s Month push couldn’t come at a better time, and if you’re looking for tips and insights, it’s worth checking out the dedicated platform for its various initiatives.  

Source:, originally published on 2022-03-03 12:32:48