Instagram Tests New 'Scheduled' Sticker for Stories to Remind Your Audience of Upcoming Events

This could be interesting – Instagram’s currently testing a new ‘Scheduled’ sticker for Stories, which provides another way to promote your upcoming events.

As you can see in these images, posted by app researcher Ahmed Ghanem, the new ‘Scheduled’ sticker enables you to share a reminder for your events in your Story, with a direct link to your events listing to choose which specific event you want to promote.

You can already promote upcoming events in Stories and in the main feed as part of the initial creation process, but there’s currently no way to easily re-share and re-promote the same once you’ve set the event. You can also use the Countdown sticker as a means to build anticipation, but it doesn’t have a specific link back to the event itself.

Instagram Countdown sticker

There are workarounds – like using the countdown sticker in combination with the link sticker to refer people through to relevant info, but this new option is more integrated, and more specifically aligned to direct, simplified event promotion in the app.

That could be a great way to increase awareness for your events, and you can imagine that musicians and other performance-based artists will find this hugely valuable in driving more direct promotion and traffic.

Brands will also be able to use the sticker to re-promote upcoming launches and events, and there’s a range of potential uses that could help in your efforts.

So long as you don’t overuse it. Like, people will get the gist, you won’t need to re-share reminders of your event/s every day, but it could be a handy prompt to keep it front of mind with your followers.

The new ‘Scheduled’ sticker is now available to some users in the latest version of the app.

Source:, originally published on 2022-03-21 15:27:55