Instagram Tests New Group Profile Feature

How to Access Instagram’s Group Profile Feature

Ready to get started on your Group Profile journey? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide, including:

  • How to Set up a Group Profile

  • How to Add Members to a Group Profile

  • How to Join a Group Profile

  • How to Create a Group Profile Post

How to Set up a Group Profile

To create a Group Profile, head to your Instagram profile, tap the “+” in the top right corner, and select “Group profile.”

You’ll automatically become an Admin, and will be prompted to fill in the group’s details including: a group username, description, website, and privacy settings.

If you choose to toggle on the “Approve posts” option, you’ll be able to review all posts before they are posted to the group.

P. S. Once a Group Profile page is turned private, it cannot be undone. 

How to Add Members to a Group Profile

As an Admin, you’ll have the ability to invite users to join your profile. 

Simply tap “Invite” on the Group Profile and you’ll be prompted to search and select users you’d like to invite.

Once a user has accepted to be a member, you can also invite them to be an Admin.

NOTE: Each group can have up to 20 admins and 5,000 members. 

How to Join a Group Profile

To join a Group Profile, head to your Instagram Explore Page and search for the group name:

Tap “Join” to request access to the group:

Alternatively, if a user invites you to join a group, you will receive a DM:

NOTE: Just remember, both private and public groups that you follow will be visible in your following list. 

How to Create a Group Profile Post

To create a Group Profile post, tap “+” and select whether you’d like to share a Post, Story, or Reel:

From there, it’s business as usual. 

Edit your content, add a caption, tag people and/or products, add a location and select whether you’ll be sharing to the group or your personal profile. 

Finally, tap “Share”:

Though, it should be noted that if an Admin has turned on the “Approve posts” toggle, the post won’t go live until they’ve approved it.

And just like that, you’ve officially shared a piece of content to the Group Profile! 

You’ll be able to see the post in your feed, but to differentiate it from other posts, it will say “group name via the user who posted it” in the top left corner:

From being able to build a stronger community to showcasing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, the opportunities are near endless when it comes to Group Profiles. 

So, what do you think about the new feature? Will you be using it to engage with your audience and help drive engagement?

We want to hear — let us know in the comments over on our Instagram account!

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Source:, originally published on 2022-10-26 13:38:32