Instagram Testing New Business Profiles

Update 1: An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the new business profiles, saying that “we are testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.”

Update 2: Instagram is also testing in-app analytics for business profiles

Instagram is testing three new profile features that make your Instagram profile more like a Facebook page. In a move that makes a lot of sense for businesses, photographers, and influencers, Instagram is testing a simple “Contact” button that appears besides the “Following” button, a linkable location tag, and a category for your Instagram profile. This is what the new Instagram business profile looks like on iOS:

This new Instagram profile is not available for all users, and not everyone can view the changes either.When you click the “Contact” button, you are prompted to either “Get Directions” or “Email” the account. As Instagram becomes more valuable for businesses and their customers, it is common for businesses to write their contact email in their Instagram bio. Adding a “contact” button seems like both an easier way to get in touch with someone, while also protecting the privacy of your email address from potential spammers. It’s also similar to how Facebook pages let their followers directly message them.

When you click the linked “Location” tag, you are able to view their location on a map. Finding the location of Instagram users has been a major pain point for both marketers and users alike. Again, some users are already writing their location in their Instagram bio. Personally, I think it would be great to search Instagram users by location like you can on Facebook, but for now the location will take you to a mapped location.

You’ll also find that underneath the name in the Instagram profile is a new category. This account is a “Health/Wellness Website,” and this is the feature that most resembles Facebook pages. By adding a category, you’re able to quickly and easily communicate to your followers on Instagram what your account or business is all about.

All three of these new Instagram profile features help amplify existing user trends for Instagram bios. By adding a contact button, location link, and category, it frees up precious space in your Instagram bio to communicate other key information. Does your Instagram bio need a refresher? Check out 5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Bios or How to Make Good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression.

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Free Instagram SchedulerThanks to our community member Margaret Browne for the tip! You can see Makaia’s new Instagram profile in action here (if you’re one of the lucky ones!).

Source:, originally published on 2021-07-08 18:47:03