How to Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Creative Storytelling

How Will Idea Pins Change the Pinterest Experience?

Idea Pins are a major shift towards interactive video content, which is a significant change for an app that is primarily known as a search and discovery platform.

According to Pinterest, Idea Pins will be placed front and center of the in-app experience.

“Pinners in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will see Idea Pins from creators they follow right at the top of their home feed,” they shared.

“We’re also showing Idea Pins in more places, including search, the Today Tab and the top of creator profiles.”

This move is likely to change how users use and interact with content on the app, with a stronger focus on creators and their communities.

“We believe the best inspiration comes from people who are fueled by their passions and want to bring positivity and creativity into the world,” said  Evan Sharp, Co-Founder, Chief Design and Creative Officer, Pinterest.

“By helping people on Pinterest spark creativity, try new things, build confidence, and be themselves, we believe creators are truly helping with our mission of bringing inspiration to create a life you love.”

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Source:, originally published on 2021-08-25 09:52:54