How to Schedule Social Media Posts in 2022

How to Schedule Social Media Posts

Some social media platforms have their own built-in social media scheduling tools — but it’s easier and more efficient to use a single app, like Later, to schedule all your social media posts.

Here’s how to get started: 

Step #1: Connect Your Social Profiles

With Later, you can schedule posts for every major social platform: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

To connect your social profiles, log on to Later on the web, head to your Settings and go to “Social Sets & Access Groups.”

Select “Add Social Profile” and then press the “+” for the social platform you want to connect. You will then be prompted to complete the necessary steps per platform.

Step #2: Upload Media to Media Library 

Drag photos and videos from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive and drop them directly into your Later Media Library. 

You can also upload media by clicking “Upload Media” on the left-hand side of the Later dashboard.

Step #3: Select the Social Media Platforms You Want to Schedule Content On

Next, pick which social media platforms you want to schedule your post for.

If you want to schedule a post to one channel, check off that single platform at the top of your calendar.

You can also schedule one piece of content to multiple platforms at once — simply press the check icon for each platform.

Step #4: Drag the Content You Want to Schedule from Your Media Library Onto Your Calendar

Drag and drop the content you’d like to schedule (an image, multiple images, or a video) from your Media Library onto the content calendar. 

If you’re scheduling to multiple platforms, select “Customize 2 Posts” to change the captions and hashtags, crop the media for the specific platform, and set the publishing time for each channel.

Step #5: Optimize Your Social Media Posts

Write your caption, include emojis (if applicable), and insert relevant hashtags to help maximize your reach and engagement. 

With Later’s Saved Captions tool, you can save caption templates, or curated lists of hashtags that mirror your content themes, and add them to your caption drafts in one click.

Tap “Edit Image” or “Edit Video” to add some additional design elements to your post.

You can also use the crop tool to can make sure your content meets each social platform’s approved dimension sizes

Step #6: Schedule Your Post

Once your post is optimized for the relevant social platform, set the date and time you want your post to go live. 

Click “Save” — and voilà!

For Auto Publish posts, your post will go live at your set time. For Notification posts, you will receive everything you need when it’s time to post via the Later mobile app.

Ready to improve your social media workflows? Join the millions of other users using Later and get started today – for free!

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-27 12:13:10