5 Instagram Growth Hacks (+ Free Course)

#1: Set New Goals

Your goals are the foundation of your Instagram strategy — without them, it’s hard to know if you’re getting it right.

And we’re not talking about vanity metrics like getting more likes. To drive success, it’s important that your goals are both specific to your brand and SMART:

  1. Specific 

  2. Measurable 

  3. Achievable 

  4. Relevant 

  5. Timely 

Are you looking to build brand awareness? Increase traffic to your website? Generate leads? 

If you want to increase brand awareness, your SMART goal may look something like this: 

To boost brand awareness, I will increase my reach by 40% in three months by sharing Reels three times a week, posting carousels once a week, and hosting a monthly giveaway.

Think relevant and realistic, and be as specific as possible so you can track and measure your progress (more on that, later). 

In a nutshell, your goals are your roadmap for success, and Instagram is the vehicle driving your strategy forward. 🚗

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2023-01-13 15:26:15