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OpenAI for Marketers

The GPT-3 chat application from OpenAI offers opportunities for marketers to quickly access and summarize information. It can be used to understand customers and prospects, make initial recommendations, and streamline workflows.

Here’s a quick list of ways that marketers can lean on OpenAI to enhance their marketing strategies:

      1. Get a list of acquisitions
      2. Get insights for prospect outreach
      3. Find influential publications
      4. Summarize Best Practices
      5. Generate Blog Titles
      6. Summarize Content Changes
      7. Research ADA Standards
      8. List Prospects by Needs
      9. List Prospects by Region
      10. Get Contact Information
      11. Find Partnership Opportunities
      12. Find Guest Posting Opportunities
      13. Find Speaking Opportunities
      14. Get a List of Upcoming Conferences
      15. Get a List of Freelancers
      16. Create Content Outlines

If you have your own use, hit me with it on Twitter and we’ll add in the best of them at the end of the month. We’ll include a link to your website or social profile.

Get a List of Acquisitions

Find out what acquisitions have occurred for a lead or current client. Why? It’s SHOCKING how many large companies acquire and then IT determines based on upkeep, without any marketing input, what should stay or go.

Next step: You have a hitlist of banks to go after and see if those old websites are redirecting properly. 

Insights for Prospect Outreach

Who is the CMO and what is important to them? 

Details About the CMO of Citi Bank from OpenAI

Next Steps: Now you’re able to align your pitch/email outreach/strategy with the visions and quotes that are likely well-known by those receiving it. 

Find Influential Publications 

Need specific publications that are relevant to your lead or client? Done.

Top 10 Fleet Management Publications from OpenAI

Next Steps: Look for opportunities to grow relationships with these publications.

Summarize Best Practices

Do you need a quick refresher on best practices? Maybe you do SEO but your UX game needs help. 

List of UX Best Practices from OpenAI

Next Steps: Get the answers you need around UX and align that with your other digital knowledge.. Heck, make your own blog post about it.

Now take that a step further and you have a hitlist for your UX team/sales team.

List of Automotive Websites Not Following Best Practices from OpenAI

Next Steps: Here’s your outreach list. Put in rough math (if UX fixes were able to be implemented and it increased your conversion rate by 5% (1% to 1.05%), that would result in X more dollars based on this methodology. ALWAYS connect it to dollars whenever remotely possible).

Generate Blog Titles

Need a title for your post (or inspiration for this one?) Use it to generate blog titles, email titles, paragraph headings, whatever. 

List of Blog Titles Options for Content About  OpenAI for Marketers from OpenAI

Summarize Content Changes

Here’s an interesting one. Paste in a URL from archive.org from months ago and then paste in the current page. Ask what changed. It will be what has visually changed and not specific non-visual code changes. 

OpenAI can digest some source code, but you have to put the view-source: before the URL

List of Changes for a URL from January to August from OpenAI

Next Steps: There are so many places to go with this one. You can see what competitors changed and if it resulted in rankings increases. You can understand why the conversion rate may have dropped because of the previous setup. You can see what calls to action existed and if there are too many now.

Research ADA Standards

Need a gut check on those ADA standards. Maybe you’re trying to get a foot in the door with a prospect and can do your own research before bringing in a UX expert. Here they are:

ADA Standards Summarized by OpenAI

Get a List of Prospects By Need 

Take it further – who isn’t following ADA standards? Just ask (yes, they all seem to focus on color contrast).

List of Ecomm Websites Not Adhering to ADA Standards from OpenAI


Next Steps: If you’re a dev company, these could be pitches to fix. The above group is pretty big and unlikely to respond given their own resources, but ask the tool to find your eCommerce sites below a certain market cap.

List Regional Prospects

Are you regional and looking for customers? Maybe you do local SEO and salons are very successful for you.

List of Beauty Salons in Cherry Hill NJ from OpenAI

Next Steps: Make those calls if you haven’t seen some on the list before. OR if you’re a beauty distributor, cross-check this with your customer list. Who isn’t on there? 

Get Contact Information

New sales and intro outreach seem like the next step. Call them – just ask for a list of their phone numbers.

Phone Numbers of Salons in Cherry Hill from OpenAI

Find Partnership Opportunities

What if Seer is interested in becoming a B Corp? We should find complementary B Corp agencies to connect with and see where we can send/receive business.

List of B Corp Creative Agencies from OpenAI

Next steps: We can introduce ourselves and see what value we can bring to their companies with our current services or insights.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Get your name out there, guest post. Once you’ve got your list, have your topic and pitch away.

List of Digital Marketing Publications Accepting Guest Posts from OpenAI

Find Speaking Opportunities

Need to find conferences that are looking for speaker submissions? Here it is, pitch away (and be more specific if you want a more specific list)

Finance Conferences Accepting Speaker Submissions from OpenAI

List Upcoming Conferences

What about attending digital marketing conferences? In the second half of 2023. Just ask and you have a list you can pitch to your boss OR look to attend and sponsor.

Digital Marketing Conferences Happening in the Second Half of the Year from OpenAI

Get a List of Freelancers

What if you have a need for a freelance SEO that’s based in the UK? Done. (get your UK friends to verify!) 

List of UK-Based Freelance SEOs from OpenAI

Create Content Outlines

Need to get content outlines for a topic? See what competitors are covering quickly.

OpenAI Prompt for a List of Topics Covered Within Provided URLs
Topics Covered Per URL from OpenAI

Next Steps: Now you have your content outlines. Get an expert to start filling in the white space.

Have more tips to share?

Are all of these great? There are certainly more clever ways that aren’t listed here. Again, hit me up on Twitter ( @adammelson ) and we’ll update the post with your tips! If you found this helpful, would love to hear that too.

Source: www.seerinteractive.com, originally published on 2023-01-04 11:41:41