10 of the Best LinkedIn Ads Examples

#10: Flo’s Empowering Single Image Ad

Women’s health app Flo shows that sometimes the simplest ads can be the most effective. 

Flo uses a single image ad featuring their new Slack emojis to promote their brand message around empowerment and well-being. With an eye-catching introductory text that uses topical emojis, it sends an on-brand message that immediately draws eyes to it. 

Flo also links to their website’s blog, making this type of single image ad ideal for boosting website traffic and promoting brand awareness. 

These are just a few great LinkedIn Ad examples that show how brands and companies have used their advertising campaigns to gain new leads, drive traffic to their website, make sales, and build brand awareness. 

These brands and businesses prove that by knowing your target audience and flexing your creativity, you can drive big results from your LinkedIn Ads strategy. 

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2021-10-05 06:13:17