What are Cookie Consent Platforms & Which is Right For You?

What are Cookie Consent Platforms?

In an age of ever-changing regulations, having a strong grasp on your site or businesses Cookie Consent Platform is more important than ever.

As the future of Third-Party cookies is still unclear, it is integral that businesses create strategies now to prevent data loss; and utilizing a Cookie Consent Platform is a great first step in the process. 

In a broad sense, a Cookie Consent Platform is the tool that makes the “Accept All Cookies” pop-up possible, efficient, and in compliance with your company’s standards.

This pop-up provides information on exactly what data is being collected and how it will be utilized, so the user can make an informed decision on whether to accept or refuse the option of sharing their data with the site. Implementing a Cookie Consent Platform also provides a seamless user-experience for any customer looking to edit their data-sharing status at any point in time. 

From an analytics perspective, utilizing Cookie Consent Platforms helps your business understand the rate at which users are accepting cookies and ensures that correct legal cookie practices are being followed. While the platform is by no means “necessary” for legal or business purposes, it is immensely helpful for international businesses that must be CCPA or GDPR compliant and for businesses looking to automate and enhance their cookie consent process.

Continue reading to learn more about popular Cookie Consent Platforms and the various services they provide. 

Most Popular Cookie Consent Platforms 


OneTrust provides users with many privacy and data collection services, one of which being Cookie Consent. The OneTrust Cookie Consent experience begins with an audit of existing cookies, pixels, tags, and other data collecting tools. The platform then continuously scans the site to be sure all tracking is up to date and compliant with relevant laws. 

Additionally, OneTrust will categorize cookies by use-case and make them easily digestible by those not deeply versed in cookie knowledge. The cookie acceptance pop-up is also managed by OneTrust and uses location and language data to create an ideal user experience and ensure your company’s policies are enforced. Finally, the platform will aid businesses in generating cookie lists and A/B testing cookie acceptance pop-ups. Prospective customers can request a demo to learn more about the tool!


Much like OneTrust, Osano offers a variety of services, including a Cookie Consent platform. Their simple approach only takes a bit of javascript and your site will be completely compliant with Cookie and GDPR laws. 

Osano works in 40 countries and can operate into up to 42 languages. Osano also makes it even easier by providing customers with the opportunity to schedule a demo before making a commitment to the platform. 


Usercentrics is solely a consent management company, but optimizes the experience for websites, apps, and AMP sites. When working with Usercentrics, they will ensure cookie consents are correct, continuously manage the consents, and provide optimization suggestions for the cookie consents. 


Trustarc offers a Cookie Consent platform amongst a variety of other services. They specialize in meeting cookie standards globally, optimizing consent pop-ups, providing scans of your site, and running audits to understand users actions as related to cookie consent. They provide a technical account manager to guide you through the implementation process and their platform can also operate in a cross domain fashion. 

Which is Right For You?

Platform Features Price
OneTrust Audits, Site Scans, Cookie Categorizations & Lists, User Experience, Compatible with 100’s of guidelines Starting from $45 per month
Osano Easy to implement, within the guidelines of 40 countries Tiered pricing model, lowest level is free
Usercentrics Optimizes for different devices and site experiences, cookie management UK-based, tiered pricing model, lowest level is free
Trustarc Meets cookie standards globally, optimizes cookie experiences, cookie scans & audits, provides a Technical Account Manager Tiered pricing model, lowest level is free

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