Twitter Tests Out New Link Preview Display for NFT Artworks

Twitter’s testing another NFT integration, this time with a new link preview display of NFT artworks when links are shared from certain marketplaces for digital goods.

As you can see in this example, Twitter, which already enables Twitter Blue subscribers to display their NFTs in a custom profile display, is now also looking to provide more showcase options for NFT art, which wouldn’t cost you anything (as it’s generated from the URL details, not your crypto wallet), and could help Twitter feed into the surrounding community discussion in the app.

It’s the latest in Twitter’s ongoing presentation experiments, with the platform also testing out a new link preview display for selected publications, incorporating larger images, variable fonts and more prominent CTAs to drive more clicks.

That could help to better ingratiate Twitter with publishers by driving more referral traffic, which is similar to this new process for NFT listings, which, again, could help Twitter lean into the surrounding NFT and Web3 discussion, which has been rising in the app.

Because whether you believe NFTs are a fad or not, there is a strong community of highly active enthusiasts, who are very keen to connect with others in the space. They’re also willing to spend to showcase their community membership, which is why it makes sense for Twitter, and all social platforms for that matter, to lean into the NFT discussion, and facilitate NFT community building and engagement where possible.

This is another element within the focus, and it’ll be interesting to see if Twitter looks to lean further into Web3 and crypto moving forward under incoming CEO Elon Musk.

Source:, originally published on 2022-10-27 19:34:58