Twitter Shares New Insights into TV Show Discussion via Tweet [Infographic]

Twitter has long been a key companion for trending TV shows, with around six TV show related tweets sent every single second in the app.

For years, Twitter has worked to capitalize on this, in various ways, including through direct integration of live video content into the platform, and the incorporation of variable tweet displays alongside TV presentation. None of those have truly caught on, but if you want to join the discussion about the latest TV show, Twitter is where you go, as reflected in these new insights.

As explained by Twitter:

With more network shows and streaming services than ever before, Tweet volume has increased to match – 4.9 million Tweets per week on average. As TV moments and fanbases get more attention on the timeline, there are more opportunities for brands to fit organically into diverse fandoms and conversations.

The below overview covers some of the key elements of TV show discussion in the app, which may be worth considering within your tweet process.

Source:, originally published on 2022-09-06 18:22:16