Twitter Shares New Insights into Engagement Around the Eurovision Song Contest [Infographic]

Look, the Eurovision Song Contest is ridiculous. I know, you know it, and you can be sure that everyone involved in organizing the thing is also well aware. But within the hyper-showcase of the event, there are also some amazingly talented musicians, and huge entertainment value that really can’t be replicated anywhere else.

That’s reflected in the rising popularity of Eurovision, which continues to grow its audience year after year. And these days, Twitter is where a lot of that discussion is happening.

As per Twitter:

From the casual to the die-hard fans, Twitter is the place to be for the Eurovision buzz as fans get their viewing parties started.”

Underlining this, Twitter has outlined some key Eurovision engagement stats ahead of this year’s finals, which get underway this week.

It could provide new opportunities for tie-in promotions, or just tweets to show your support for your favorites. 

You can read Twitter’s full Eurovision overview here, or check out the infographic overview below.

Source:, originally published on 2022-05-10 19:26:27