Twitter Shares Key Trend Notes and Tips for Mother's Day Campaigns

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8th (in the US and Australia), which means that you only have a matter of days to make your pitch to Mother’s Day shoppers, and maximize your sales for the event.

Lucky for you, many Mother’s Day shoppers wait till the last minute, and if you’re trying to think of ways to make that final push, Twitter has shared some new insights and trend notes to help boost your campaigns.

First off, Twitter has shared the top 10 most popular Mother’s Day hashtags, based on tweet activity in 2021:

  • #MothersDay
  • #HappyMothersDay
  • #Win
  • #MothersDay2021
  • #Giveaway
  • #MotheringSunday
  • #GiftIdeas
  • #FashionJewellery
  • #Competition
  • #Mum

Of course, the effectiveness of hashtags on Twitter is up for debate, with Twitter itself even recommending that brands not use hashtags at all in certain cases. But if you were trying to latch onto key search trends around the event, I’d suggest that running a giveaway is probably the best option, based on these tags.

In terms of when to start tweeting about Mother’s Day, Twitter says that brands should be sharing their campaign messages “two or three weeks in advance, with an extra push the week leading up to Mother’s Day for the inevitable last-minute shoppers”.

So now, basically, or last week if you happen to have a Mr. Fusion equipped Delorean in your garage.

Finally, Twitter shares some notes on what you should be tweeting about heading into Mother’s Day.

  • Gift ideas for mothers, wifes, grandmothers, stepmothers, and caregivers. Classic gifts include flowers and jewelry, but don’t be afraid to branch out
  • Experiences and offers — for example a Mother’s Day brunch or afternoon tea
  • Mother’s Day card ideas and ways to show thanks
  • Mother’s Day movies and entertainment
  • Your own story — are you a mother running a business, or did your mum inspire you? Share your story for a more authentic Mother’s Day Tweet

I mean, expressing your eternal gratitude for your mother’s advice is probably going take a few more than 280 characters, but if you can, or if you think your Mom might read your Twitter thread, go with that (note that the ‘wifes’ mention above comes direct from Twitter’s post, I just left it in because I thought it read funny).

In essence, the time is now, and if you want to give Twitter advertising a shot before Elon switches it off, maybe it’s worth running a campaign to test, and see what you can get, in regards to reach and response with your campaigns.

I’m not sure that Twitter is the best platform for such a push, but it depends on your product, and your targeting, and these notes will help in formulating your tweet approach.

You can tread more of Twitter’s Mother’s Day marketing tips here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-26 20:22:23