Twitter Adds New Creator Dashboard to Help Creators Track Their Monetization Efforts

As it continues to add new monetization options for creators, in the hopes of keeping them posting, and building their presence in the app, Twitter has today launched a new Creator Dashboard element, which will help creators track the money they’re making through these tools.

As you can see here, the new dashboard will provide oversight into your various income streams in the app, including data on Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, along with an overall payout tracker to help you stay on top of your performance.

As explained by Twitter:

“[Creator Dashboard] is designed to help creators further understand how they make money on Twitter and how much they are earning from monetization features, Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows. Easily accessible from the Monetization tab, the dashboard is a clear way for creators to search through their payment history and see details about upcoming payouts.”

As noted, it’s the latest in Twitter’s evolving suite of monetization tools, which have become a bigger focus for the app over the past year, as it looks to provide supplementary income streams for creators that have been impacted by the pandemic, while also keeping popular users tweeting more often.

Over the past year, Twitter has added:

Thus far, none of these elements seems to have become a massive consideration or revenue stream for the app. But it’s early days, and if Twitter’s able to establish a self-sustaining creator eco-system of any kind, that can only help to fuel on-platform engagement.

Like all social platforms; Twitter’s also looking to ensure it’s competitive on this front, at least to some degree, because if creators can earn more money from one platform or another, you best believe that’ll eventually be where their focus shifts. That could see other platforms relegated within the broader ‘creator economy’ as a result, which will see their overall audience share dip.

It’s a difficult challenge for Twitter, because for years, users have got all Twitter content for free, so asking them to pay for extra now is a habitual shift that will take some time to bed down or implement. Then again, Twitter is also still growing in new markets, and if Twitter can instill this behavior early, and get creators thinking about how to build their audience through add-on monetization tools, that could also be another path to take.

But I suspect most users will be hesitant to pay to Super Follow, while I also suspect that many creators won’t have anything significant to offer in terms of add-on content for their paying fans.

Because establishing a viable, valuable stream of unique content is hard, and while some people might think that they have strong, dedicated Twitter followings, that they’ve built over time, asking them to pay up is a whole different equation – and that’s before you even factor in that you need to provide extra for these users.

But for those that are making the shift into subscriber tweet content, this new dashboard will be a big help, and much like similar tools on YouTube and Facebook, it will help users track, plan and strategize their presence.

Twitter also says that it will look to build on the Creator Dashboard over time.

The new Creator Dashboard is now available to US creators on iOS that have participated in Ticketed Spaces and/or Super Follows, and have more than 10k followers.

Source:, originally published on 2022-03-08 18:27:42