TikTok Adds New Options to Help Alleviate Minor Frustrations in the App

This could be handy.

Do you ever go scrolling back up in your TikTok feed to find a video that you’ve already watched, but then you go too far and end up refreshing the feed, and losing the clip that you were searching for entirely?

TikTok has a solution.

As you can see in this screenshot, shared by @al__hilaal7, TikTok’s currently testing a new option that would enable you to undo your feed refresh if you make a mistake.

Which is a fairly minor functional inclusion, but could be a big help when you’re looking for that one video in your feed.

On a similar, mistake-aversion front, TikTok has also started rolling out a new feature for creators called ‘Posted Drafts’, which automatically creates a copy of your most recently posted video and stores it in your ‘Drafts’ folder in the app.

As explained in the video above from Jera Bean, that’ll make it easier to update your clips with small edits and changes, as you’ll already have a version of the uploaded clip in your drafts to tweak, as opposed to having to re-do the whole thing over again.

Posted Drafts will be available for 3 days after posting, so if there are any changes that you need to make, you can update, re-publish and keep it moving, even faster than before.

Again, neither is a major functional update, but from an annoyance perspective, these could be very helpful.

Thanks to Matt Navarra for highlighting both new features.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2022-12-12 14:47:16