The Kids Apps That Collect The Most Data [Infographic]

One of the more concerning side effects of the pandemic has been the increased reliance on digital connection amongst youngsters, and the potential exposure to harmful elements as a result.

Without the option to go outside, or even go to school to talk to friends in person, kids have missed out on crucial social development time, and most parents have at least some concerns about overuse of the internet, and the use of social media specifically.

But what option do you have? As more and more of our interactions are moving online, kids are invariably going to spend more time there either way, and as their friends become active on certain platforms, they’ll soon follow suit, which could expose them to harm if unsupervised.

And even if you trust the apps that they use, there’s also their personal data, and how that’s being used to track and target them, potentially, in different ways. Which is what this report from The Toy Zone looks at – to get a gauge on what types of trackers and data gathering tools each kids app uses, The Toy Zone has provided a comparative listing of the various data taken in by each of the most popular apps.

With the Easter break coming up, and your kids likely to be glued to their apps once again, it could be a valuable read – you can check out the full study here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-11 15:45:44