The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2022

How Do I Find My Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

While there is no blanket answer for when every brand should post to LinkedIn, there are ways to find out what works for you.

Here are two ways that can help you nail down your best time to post on LinkedIn:

#1: Consider Audience Locations (and Identify Time Zone Overlaps)

Learning where your audience is located (and what time zone they are in) is one of the first ways you can find your personal best time to post on LinkedIn.

You can find this out by looking at your LinkedIn Analytics.

Follower Analytics shows you data on users who already follow you, while Visitor Analytics shows you information on the people who are visiting your page.

Both of these dashboards are equally important for finding your best time to post — they’ll help you land on a sweet spot for both your followers and visitors.

For example, are there certain days of the week where you’re seeing major spikes in traffic? Are there a few locations where the majority of you followers and visitors live? If so, is there an obvious time zone overlap?

Just keep in mind that in order to access LinkedIn Analytics, you’ll need to either have a Premium Account or set up a Company Page.

If you don’t have access to LinkedIn Analytics, you can combat this estimating the best time zones based on your audience base.

For example, if you’re a New York-based brand and looking to reach LinkedIn users on the East Coast, you’ll want to focus on posting during EST working hours, between 8AM and 6PM.

However, if you have an audience based in both Vancouver and Paris, pay attention to the best crossover times for those time zones, such as 8 and 9am PST— morning in Vancouver and after-work hours in Paris.

Posting during the right time zones can become tricky, especially when you’re working with audiences across the globe.

Fortunately, with Later’s LinkedIn scheduling tool, you can schedule and set your posts to Auto Publish — so offline actually means offline!

#2: Experiment with Posting Times and Measure Your Progress

If you want to experiment with posting times yourself, you can create a spreadsheet to track how much engagement you receive when you post at different times, on different days.

Start by picking five different times throughout the week. When you’re picking the times, consider peak scrolling times: morning commute, lunch break, end of the workday, and in the evenings.

For example, if you notice your followers are mainly in PST and are most active first thing in the morning and after work, schedule your LinkedIn posts to appear at 8AM, 9AM, 6PM, 7PM, and 8PM.

In your spreadsheet, track how many likes, comments, reactions, and shares each post receives, along with the date and time that you posted them.

The following week, switch the timing of your posts for each day. For example, if you scheduled your post for 8AM on Tuesday in week one, schedule it for 12PM during week two.

It may take some time, but your findings will help you choose the best days and times to share based on your own audience data!

Source:, originally published on 2021-08-31 19:31:38