Snapchat Shares New Insights into What Motivates and Inspires Gen Z Consumers

What are Gen Z consumers looking for in brand messaging, and how do social media promotions influence their purchase decisions?

Snapchat recently sought to dig deeper into the key trends via a new study, conducted in partnership with Omnicom Media Group, which looked at the key motivations of Gen Z consumers, and how brands can best align their messaging with evolving expectations.

As per Snap:

“Context matters for this generation and how brands show up – through messaging and media selection. If brands nail these two concepts, they’re already winning. Don’t worry, it’s not a complete redrawing of the plan, but rather a meaningful adjustment in your planning process that will help you move the needle among Gen Z.”

The main finding is that Gen Z consumers are increasingly loyal to businesses that speak about social issues, post information about such, or promote social change.

“Gen Z expects brands to be drivers of social change and look for fair labor practices, inclusivity and sustainability. There are several ways in which brands can create socially impactful content that focuses on how the people, environment and product are treated. Diversity also came out as a big driver of societal impact for this generation – whether in terms of values or ownership.”

The same has been reflected in various studies – younger consumers are much more attuned to social causes, and the role that they can play within them, however small that may be, which also extends to the brands and businesses they support with their patronage.

If you can showcase how your brand aims to support causes, that can be a big winner in regards to winning the attention of younger audiences.

That’s also reflected in what Snap’s calling ‘brand purpose messaging’, which relates to ‘your brand’s ‘why’ – your reason for being and what you stand for – beyond just turning a profit’.

Snap says that Gen Z consumers are increasingly immersed in brand purpose messaging, especially on Snap itself.

Snapchat Gen Z Trends

Gen Z consumers are also driven by a desire to keep up-to-date, via content that ‘lifts their spirits and engagement’, which Snap says that it consistently delivers on with its offerings.

Snapchat Gen Z Trends

Essentially, the survey data suggests that Snap can be a valuable platform for connecting with Gen Z consumers, with targeted, positive messaging, aligned with social causes.

That could also have solid application beyond Snapchat as well, but if you are mapping out a more focused Snap strategy, these notes will help guide you on the right path.

You can check out Snap’s full survey report here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-12-15 18:20:34