Reels Scheduling is Now Available to All Users in Meta’s Creator Studio App

This could be helpful for those mapping out their Facebook and Instagram Reels strategy.

You can now schedule your Reels via Meta’s Creator Studio app, which will provide more capacity to post your short clips at the best times to maximize audience response.

As outlined in the above clip, Reels scheduling is now available to all users in Creator Studio, with various formatting tools and features to help customize your content, and schedule your posts, all from your desktop PC.

Meta’s been rolling out Reels scheduling in Creator Studio over the past few months, so you may have had access for some time, but it’s now available to all users.

Meta also recently added a new video editing tool within the app which makes it easier to cut your longer clips into Reels, providing another avenue into short-form content.

Both are handy additions, which could make it much easier to map out your short-form content strategy, in alignment with your other posts and updates.

Meta also recently announced a new Reels API, which will likely enable users to schedule Reels content via third-party management tools in the near future as well. And there’s also its native Reels scheduling option, which looks set to be released on Instagram soon (nothing confirmed as yet).

So soon, you’ll have a range of ways to plan out your Reels approach –and with the short-form video trend showing no signs of slowing, it’s likely worth trying out these new tools and options in your process.  

You can check out the updated Reels composer and scheduling tools in Meta’s Creator Studio app.

Source:, originally published on 2022-08-15 15:50:56