Reddit Shares New Insights to Assist in Holiday Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

With only 100 days to go till Christmas, the time is now to start pushing your key product offerings, with many shoppers looking to get in early, and avoid the crowds, and shortages on key items.

And if you’re looking to expand your Christmas marketing efforts this year, then Reddit may well be worth a look. With over 100,000 highly engaged communities, Reddit is a key home to niche discussions, which can also provide great value in specific audience targeting, and reaching the right people with your offers.

To help with this, Reddit has published a new holiday marketing guide, which includes a range of tips and insights to help maximize your Reddit ad efforts.

Some good notes, worth considering in your efforts – you can read more about Reddit’s various ad options and seasonal tips here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-09-14 20:34:00