As Reddit looks to expand its business appeal, and maximize its revenue potential, the platform has launched a new advertiser resource hub called Reddit Ads Formula’, which includes a range of guides, tips, case studies and more to help businesses make best use of the platform.

Reddit Ads Formula

As explained by Reddit’s Sam Hughes:

“Reddit Ads Formula features the latest on our ad solutions, industry insights, creative best practices, seasonal moments and more. On-demand courses will be launching in the coming months to take our education efforts to the next level.”

There’s a range of helpful tools and insights here, from detailed overviews of Reddit’s ad targeting options and campaign tools:

Reddit Ads Formula

To a range of stats on Reddit usage:

Reddit Ads Formula

Reddit has also included a monthly events calendar, with engagement stats around the highlighted events.

Reddit Ads Formula

There’s a lot to consider here, and it’s worth taking a look and getting an idea as to where your brand might fit on Reddit, and how Reddit’s ad campaign offerings might help in your digital marketing approach.

The app has continued to see rising engagement, even as it’s sought to clean-up some of its more controversial elements. And with highly engaged, niche communities on offer, there could be some powerful opportunities to connect with your target audience.

Anyone can register and access Reddit Ads Formula here with email sign-up.

Source:, originally published on 2021-04-06 16:54:45