Pinterest Shares Key Wedding Search Trends Ahead of Wedding Season

Tis the season for weddings, and Pinterest has published some new insights into key wedding ceremony trends, to help businesses plan for what’s coming, and highlight what people are looking for as they celebrate their big day in the coming months.

As per Pinterest:

The 2022 wedding season is going to be one of the busiest on record as couples make up for canceled, altered and postponed celebrations. As the destination for wedding inspiration, Pinterest gathered all of the top trends to help Pinners get ready for this nuptial season.”

Pinterest’s wedding trend insights are based on user search activity, and include a range of non-traditional approaches, dress colors, LGBTQ wedding inspiration, regional shifts and more.

Among the key notes:

  • Searches for ‘Black dress wedding party’ have increased by 10x
  • Searches for ‘Goth wedding decorations’ are up 6x
  • Black wedding idea searches are up 6x
  • Vampire wedding dress searches have increased 4x
  • Woodland fairy wedding searches are up 7x
  • Enchanted forest wedding dress searches and up 5x

So a fair bit of variety there, which could offer expanded marketing potential to link into these trends.

Pinterest specifically notes that black dress and decor are ‘having a moment’ this wedding season, with searches for ‘dark wedding ideas’ up 59x.

  • Searches for ‘Black glam nails’ are up 50x
  • ‘Black dress wedding party’ searches are up 34x
  • ‘Red and black wedding theme’ searches have increased 4x
  • ‘Sage green and black’ wedding searches are up 3x

So again, a wide variety of unconventional wedding-related searches to consider, which could factor into your planning for the season.

Pinterest also says that ‘Bridgerton’ themed wedding searches are up 12x, reflecting cultural influence on the season, while Pinners are also seeking options to reduce the environmental impact on their big day.

  • Thrifted wedding searches are up 3x
  • ‘Eco friendly wedding favors’ searches are up 2x
  • ‘Thrifted wedding décor’ searches have increased by 69%

And as noted, LGBTQ wedding ideas are also being highly searched in the app.

  • ‘Non binary wedding outfit’ searches have risen 8x
  • ‘Lesbian wedding bridal party’ searches are up 3x
  • ‘Queer wedding’ searches have doubled year-over-year

There’s a range of additional insights into Pinterest’s full wedding season report, including regional search trends and further insights into these key elements.

A broad range of industries are impacted by these shifts, and if you’re looking to get ahead of the next shifts, and cater to rising need, these could be some valuable notes for your planning.

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-27 15:21:21