People of Seer: Meet John Alexander

People of Seer with John Alexander

SEO Manager, Voracious Reader & Rabbit Whisperer

How did you end up working in your chosen field? 

Almost by accident. A friend of mine convinced me to work with him at an agency as I was working as an insurance adjuster at the time.

 I like that it’s dynamic and there’s always something to learn. By and large, because SEO is a newer field, it tends to be a pretty informal, brass-tacks type of work. 

There’s not a lot of fuss or rigmarole; results speak for themselves which I really enjoy. 

What is your favorite part of your Seer career that isn’t part of your job description?

I love the perspective. We’re crunching numbers, we’re making money for clients but for a purpose.

“Our work enables us to volunteer in our communities and we can invest in organizations that are making an impact.”

I also really value the focus the company has on people actually taking PTO. At a lot of companies, people feel guilty taking vacation but at Seer the People and management teams are actually looking at the data and encouraging people to unplug and refresh. 

How would you explain what it is like working at Seer to an alien :)? What are the culture, people, and work like?

Oh an alien?! The people are really earnest, hardworking, smart, and kind. 

I’d say Seer folks don’t take themselves too seriously, like to laugh, are always striving to improve, and most of us are unapologetic nerds. 

Where do you live? What should we not miss in your city if we come to visit?

I live in Camarillo, California. According to a bunch of stats nerds, we’ve got some great burritos:

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Listening to music or playing the guitar, bike riding, kayaking, reading, drawing, going on adventures with my wife, and volunteering.

What is your perfect weekend day? Describe what you would do and who you would be doing it with!

Hanging out with my wife and our pet bunnies, going for a bike ride, and getting in some time to read and do a little writing or drawing. I also just got back from an AMAZING trip to Oregon and it was perfect!

You are stranded on a desert island – what are the three things you bring?

A copy of Moby Dick, my guitar, and a satellite phone to call for a rescue after a couple of weeks to myself. 

Favorite quote or piece of advice?

“‘Let’s work without theorizing,’ said Martin; ‘it’s the only way to make life bearable.'”

– Candide by Voltaire. 

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